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The trend of Innovation

People talk an awful lot about innovation. Specially market/business, how to reallocate/change the way we use/deliver some services/resources. The way we label those changes as disruptive, brilliant, innovative, etc.

What about self innovation? Shouldn’t it begin from within? Actually it probably begin within ourselves. We innovate the way we perceive and translate our “vision” to the world. Then Uber happens. Facebook. Zip car. Air BnB. It all starts from the self, in a certain way which will be translated into a deliverable to the world.

Right now I am pursuing a “thing” I call “professional autonomy”. People usually think that’s about being able to make a lot of money and support myself. It’s not financial, it’s professional. With that I mean a very simple thing – being desirable by the market. Having a certain set of skills and way of doing things, that no one out there is being able to do it. I don’t want to be the best in my field. I want to be the only guy doing something. It’s different.

Nevertheless it will be very hard and it will take me several years to figure out how and what. That’s when the ability to innovate yourself comes into play – acquiring new knowledge (some of it not even related to what I’ve studied previously, design).

In my particular case I am a graphic design bachelor. The last 3 years I’ve totally shifted myself towards something different. I don’t have a label for it nor a tag. Could be called something around enterprising design knowledge (like my parsons class) or designing new ventures. I am basically using design principles and tools (specially ways to frame things, frameworks) as a base to plug in new knowledge from different areas. Right now I am focusing myself to learn more about business, entrepreneurship and trends in executive education – and how can I change the way it’s being done and provoke disruption (even if it’s small) into it. Design equipped me to be able to fool around with many different things by basically saying “Be creative, test your ideas and insights very fast, so you can fail even faster.”

Another very important thing is being mindful of what you do while working. People usually say experience it’s the most precious thing you can have when positioning yourself as a professional, but the thing is, if you spend 20 years of your life doing things like a mindless drone, what good it will be for you? Sometimes the pace of things happens fast and we barely have time to breath, but nobody said it was easy. Hard work and awareness of what you did is what will make those 20 years in your resume extremely valuable. Remember quantity is not quality.

It’s easy to begin. As easy as doing a checklist. Try it yourself if you don’t believe it. Pick a piece of paper and write in a simple line “what kind of professional I want to be?” After that, start the list of skills you think you will need to be it. Being a silver tongue? Learning finance? English? Spanish? You name it. After listing it down, go to the how – How can I acquire those skills? Short degree courses? Youtube lessons? Mentorship? List it. Last but not least put there what you have at your disposal (friends, internet, people you think are role models, work colleagues, ex-college teachers, etc) and start reaching out whatever/whoever you think is important and build it up! Learn what and how they do and always think in what would you do different and why. Be mindful of your learning and choices. Start slowly making progressions towards your objective of Innovating yourself.

It’s not impossible. I believe it’s quite possible and I am following my path towards it. It’s not about talent but hard work and dedication. =)


Aterro Sanitário

Lixo da Vez - Ronaldo o FENOMENO?!

Oi, queria agradecer ao espaço cedido pelo amigo e também entusiasta da copa, Bocadoogro.
Vocês sabem que eu sempre fui brasileiro desde que nasci no Brasil. Gosto muito do brasil e vou curtir muito assistir a copa do meu telão de cinema na minha casa lá na europa.

Mas vim aqui para um assunto mais importante. Essa palhaçada toda de protesto a respeito de usar dinheiro da copa para fazer hospital. Amigo, repito e disse, não se faz copa com hospital! Precisamos de estádio. Esse dinheiro que foi pro estádio não iria para hospital. Se não fosse pela copa o estádio nem o hospital existiria.

Vocês reclamam de hospital, não entendo! Sempre que fico gripado ou preciso de médico o Sírio-Libânes tá lá de boa. Não entendo essas reclamações. Neste ponto eu apoio meu amigo Pelé, grande sábio. Vamos esquecer essas bobeiras e focar na copa.

Grande abraço para vocês, do Ronaldinho Fenômeno.