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Post-Planetary #3 – Research Topic

Going from macro to micro in the last two posts where I found a place to settle my mind into. Researching even more the subject and giving some thought about how a industrial model in a post-planetary scale would work/be and then I realized who is going to be behind it. Who will be making those complex value/supply chains work? Who will be in charge of creating the new services and tweaking/totally remaking them from scratch? The Designer, as we know. They already do it, they are doing it right now on a planetary level. I mentioned IDIOM on the last post to give an example of what is happening right now. Design with speed and scale at the same time with very limited amount of resources, not only material resources but knowledge as well (since India does not have enough designers to work with such complexity/scale).

In a post planetary scale, how it’s going to be a designer work and function? What kind of tools they will have at their disposal? Maybe creativity virus, like the empathy virus we can see working on CODE 46 where professionals can use certain virus as biological enhancers to increase/or give them very specific abilities. Maybe designers will have enhanced reality tools allowing them to do any kind of research/learn about anything from anywhere they want like the novel Rainbow’s End. Computers with a high capacity of framing/thinking logically to aid the process or even do the entire job and we won’t need designers for certain tasks anymore, like Kubrick’s 2001 – A Space Odissey super computer HAL-9000 capable of simulating many of human aspects.

There are many things we could extract for all those examples, movies, books, games and many more. Creating a viable scenario of pure speculation on what might be the future of a designer and his place into the post planetary society. That’s my final topic for the rest of the semester. Speculating about the roles and problems a designer will have to deal with and how his work methods will be, based on wild (wanna put some emphasis on the wild) technology speculation – What will be around to change the way design is made. That’s the short version of my research topic – Designer’s in a post planetary-scale – their tools, methods, roles and technology.



Post-Planetary #2

Continuing the previous post…

After reading and thinking about the A Massively Addressable short essay gave me some juice to keep my gears running. What was appealing behind that text was the word Massively and how it applies to my current context. The idea of scale and speed into the design process. While on the last Enterprising Design Knowledge class, taught by the Dr. Teixeira, he told us the history behind IDIOM and the Dream:IN project. The short version – IDIOM was able to create complex ventures like Big Bazaar in India (which in comparison would be like Wal-Mart in America in terms of scale and complexity) in 9 months. From day zero in 9 months they had it running and generating profit. Only 9 months. Not with a huge design team nor designers with 15-20 years of experience on the market. The reason for that kind of success is beyond that, in which I won’t address in this post. Back in Brazil in my graphic design college we used like 5 months to create a crappy graphic design project in which most of the time was completely useless (no real need for it, just for the sake of the “exercise”). Those guys in India created a huge enterprise in 9 months. Make you think a lot about your capabilities as a designer right?

Following that line we ended up with Dream:IN, when Dr. Teixeira asked Sonia Manchanda (IDIOM CEO) “Ok, you did those amazing projects for all those companies and clients. But how about India? What can you do to your country?” Basically how can you use that design process to make new ventures to work GLOBALLY? (Planetary level). That’s where the Dream:in project came to exist and anyone willing to know more about it can check it out on their website. Unfortunately I am not going through the project and the in-depth explanations necessary. Just wanted to set up my theater of operations by now. Global scale and fast. Those are the keywords.

Quick economic analysis/facts we are living on a Planetary scale right now – Emerging markets are rising fast. Brazil, Russia, India, China etc. those countries have a massive population, growing up economically which means more money to consume services/products and anything they need. We are facing that Planetary scale wicked problem as designers already. Being able to launch sustainable ventures that will address to large portions of the population with low resources and fast. We can’t spend 10 years building up an empire for a market and population that does need it now. We need to scale up and think in a Planetary Scale.

That problem is being sorted out by designers all over the world already. Not that we do have a solution and a “model” already. But that seems to be a perfect research topic – Planetary Scale Sustainable Production – and then later on Post-Planetary Sustainable Production. How are going to be our supplies chain/constellations in a post planetary economy? How to address to a Post-Planetary Market and ways of launching new ventures? Moving goodies post planet? Creating supply chains that goes beyond our planet and how to make that work? Generating revenue through multiple planets?

In a sense we still think locally if we refer the planet as ONE planet. Even as huge as it is for us but so small in comparison with the universe. So in the future thinking abroad might escape the “country borders” boundaries we face right now: by boundaries instead of an ocean or walls/fences we will have vacuum and no gravity at all.

Aterro Sanitário

Lixo da Vez - Ronaldo o FENOMENO?!

Oi, queria agradecer ao espaço cedido pelo amigo e também entusiasta da copa, Bocadoogro.
Vocês sabem que eu sempre fui brasileiro desde que nasci no Brasil. Gosto muito do brasil e vou curtir muito assistir a copa do meu telão de cinema na minha casa lá na europa.

Mas vim aqui para um assunto mais importante. Essa palhaçada toda de protesto a respeito de usar dinheiro da copa para fazer hospital. Amigo, repito e disse, não se faz copa com hospital! Precisamos de estádio. Esse dinheiro que foi pro estádio não iria para hospital. Se não fosse pela copa o estádio nem o hospital existiria.

Vocês reclamam de hospital, não entendo! Sempre que fico gripado ou preciso de médico o Sírio-Libânes tá lá de boa. Não entendo essas reclamações. Neste ponto eu apoio meu amigo Pelé, grande sábio. Vamos esquecer essas bobeiras e focar na copa.

Grande abraço para vocês, do Ronaldinho Fenômeno.