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That’s it. FUCKING.

It´s late night and I’ve decided to practice and write about myself a little. All that while hearing some Andrew Bird. Simple X right now.

The reason of this post is simple I guess – I AM FUCKING EXCITED TO LIVE IN NEW FUCKING YORK.

Plain and simple. Just like that X Bird’s song refer to.

While on facebook I saw some New York pictures and my big sister gave me a tourist book. A New York handbook, with some info about the city and how/where is the good stuff. I’ve run my eyes through the book a few times and I can’t stop to think “Jesus. This will be my home in 2 days.”

Never dared to dream that I would be living that. Not once. I mean not for now.

I could not describe. I know it’s stupid and I am flooding my blog and fbook timeline with useless info regarding my trip and etc etc…but so fucking what? I can’t help it. Just can’t.

Leaving family, home, friends and all behind to chase a dream. A dream I barely had few months ago. How random was all that?

Now I am here late night, writing in english to practice, listening to Andrew Bird Fiery Crash and talking about my home – new home, new York.

A great road lies ahead. Many paths awaits, gotta pick the right one. Actually there is no “right one”. All I have to do is hold my breath and jump. I know this will be the most fantastic year of my life.

The reason for all my hapiness it´s not because I am going to be paid to study into a fucking amazing place. It’s about knowledge. All about it.

I’ve came to realize the amount of knowledge I will be able to gather from that experience. Never left my country before. Never lived all by myself. Always had my parents to hold my back when I needed.

Now I won’t.

That scares me to death. But I can’t stop smiling when I realize that. It’s so fucking good because it’s scary.

All the people I will meet. Places. Knowledge. Know-how. Expertise. Skills. Experience.

I just can’t realize that now nor make any predictions. I like doing predictions, sort of “damage control”, like “what could be, could not be” and I have not the slightest idea right now.

So to sumarize – I will be all alone, no family nor friends (just the ones I will make there eventually) and I can’t make any predictions. None. Zero.

Can’t stop thinking how amazing that will be. Ha!

Going to miss my friends. The four horsemen are now oficially scatered around the globe. We can procede with our plan of global apocalipse soon. Felipe, Eduardo and Frederico.

Well I have no idea if that post made any sense. I don’t expect it does. I just can’t hope to write anything that make any sense with all those ideas tearing my brains out. Don’t worry the next post will be from New York.

So for my beloved few readers – this blog going to change in the next post. From now on I’ll be posting about my life in New York and Parsons.

Cya ya’ll soon.

(While finishing this post, Andrew Bird Fake Palindromes got me!)


Aterro Sanitário

Lixo da Vez - Ronaldo o FENOMENO?!

Oi, queria agradecer ao espaço cedido pelo amigo e também entusiasta da copa, Bocadoogro.
Vocês sabem que eu sempre fui brasileiro desde que nasci no Brasil. Gosto muito do brasil e vou curtir muito assistir a copa do meu telão de cinema na minha casa lá na europa.

Mas vim aqui para um assunto mais importante. Essa palhaçada toda de protesto a respeito de usar dinheiro da copa para fazer hospital. Amigo, repito e disse, não se faz copa com hospital! Precisamos de estádio. Esse dinheiro que foi pro estádio não iria para hospital. Se não fosse pela copa o estádio nem o hospital existiria.

Vocês reclamam de hospital, não entendo! Sempre que fico gripado ou preciso de médico o Sírio-Libânes tá lá de boa. Não entendo essas reclamações. Neste ponto eu apoio meu amigo Pelé, grande sábio. Vamos esquecer essas bobeiras e focar na copa.

Grande abraço para vocês, do Ronaldinho Fenômeno.