Breaking news

It´s rare…not usual…and really drives me off…

I am not used to rampage like this…that rage overwhelming my senses…

My entire life…

Imagine yourself. You born blind. You never saw a single flash of light before. Only darkness. Then after 30 years, suddenly for a few minutes someone open your eyes and shove you into the mid-day sun. What would happen?

The sun would burn your eyes, and the light would be so bright that you would BEG to be blind again.

Now imagine instead of the sun, rage. I´ve never felt rage like that before…just small bursts that i´ve managed to control and disguise easily.

That happened once…when i drew my first blood…back there…when i was 17…my first victim.

Killing someone still give me the creeps. My blood flows faster, my heart beats harder. It´s so satisfying…i don´t see any horror in death. It´s so peaceful. Most of my victims probably would thank me if they could…

Back to my first victim…i had to do it…thanks to him i´ve discovered how to fulfill my needs…feed the urge that drives me…that build inside.

Hahahahahaha sometimes i feel like those primitive religions i saw on TV…they sacrifice animals, drain their bloods and offer to some kind of crazy god in order to satisfy him. 100% Gods-wants-to-curse-us-to-death free. But it has an upkeep cost.

I think i´ve got one of those gods stuck inside me…asking his share. That dark upkeep i must maintain.

He had his ass filled with alcohol…and went home again for another beat-my-ass-up round up. But that day…i was waiting for him…he saw me…jumped into me…just to get a knife into his belly…it was over.

I finally had finished that pain. Mine pain. His pain. He looked into my eyes…and said…

“- You…are…like…me…”

I never understood what he meant…i am not an alcohol addicted nor a junkie. Never had problems with gambling and such. Yet those words haunts me…

Perhaps i should look into it…search further…or leave the past buried deep…

It´s no use to run. The past got bigger legs. Our past deeds will always catch us up…

*Sound of television*

“After 13 years missing, body of famous Police Officer was found. Lieutenant runs the investigations”

“- Finding this corpse will help us tracking down our killer. We hope we can catch the bastard who killed my partner after all those years.”

Hey…it´s dad on television…


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Aterro Sanitário

Lixo da Vez - Ronaldo o FENOMENO?!

Oi, queria agradecer ao espaço cedido pelo amigo e também entusiasta da copa, Bocadoogro.
Vocês sabem que eu sempre fui brasileiro desde que nasci no Brasil. Gosto muito do brasil e vou curtir muito assistir a copa do meu telão de cinema na minha casa lá na europa.

Mas vim aqui para um assunto mais importante. Essa palhaçada toda de protesto a respeito de usar dinheiro da copa para fazer hospital. Amigo, repito e disse, não se faz copa com hospital! Precisamos de estádio. Esse dinheiro que foi pro estádio não iria para hospital. Se não fosse pela copa o estádio nem o hospital existiria.

Vocês reclamam de hospital, não entendo! Sempre que fico gripado ou preciso de médico o Sírio-Libânes tá lá de boa. Não entendo essas reclamações. Neste ponto eu apoio meu amigo Pelé, grande sábio. Vamos esquecer essas bobeiras e focar na copa.

Grande abraço para vocês, do Ronaldinho Fenômeno.


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