Make a wish

Stalking my prey…cornering with care…spotted it…aiming carefully…i can´t make any mistakes now. I must kill it before it spots me…

– BAM! Headshot! Há! Gotcha!

– Awww it´s not fair! You cheated!

– Nope! I told you, you can´t win kid! Now go get yourself some soda.

My nephew…9 years old. My sister had him with some douchebag. The guy is long gone by now. Here i am – The Wolf with sheep clothing – into the flock.

I´ve learned to blend myself. Every single person here would never have the smallest suspicion of me. I am just the regular-30 year old-single guy, having fun with his family. His nephew birthday.

I will assume – it´s hard to fake smiles and laugh at every kid who makes some dumb moves.

– Here uncle! Drink some!

– Thanks! Have i ever told you? You are the best nephew ever!

– Thanks uncle!

After that he just run away into an explosion of excitement and pride. I think he had too much sugar already.

– There you are Bro…hanging with kids? Lots of single ladies outside…

– Aw, you know…i am not in the mood.

– C´mon! I will introduce you one of my friends. You will like her. She´s smart and damn pretty! Come!

– Ow god…

She pulls my hand and throw me into the wolf´s den. My sister introduce us and then leave…

– Hi…your sister spoke a lot about you…

– Good things, i hope?

– Yeah, yeah…indeed…so…

* I hate those moments…i just don´t know what to say…i really don´t get it…how it can be so easy for people to do that? I can dismember and dispose of an human body without leaving a single trace…but i don´t know what to say right now…*

– So…?

– Well…hehehehe, say something…you are the guy after all! Hahahahahahaha.

– Yeah…i am the guy right? Yeah…well… *ask her something…anything!* So what you do for living?

– I am on Design area…my expertise is webdesign. You know…making websites and that kind of stuff…and you?

– Me? I am a physician…surgeon.

– Cool…

– You need to see…i am pretty good at slicing people up!

– Wow…hehe…nice…well…nice to meet you…i…i gotta go!

What now? Ow…”slicing people” up. I don´t think that was a good idea…sometimes i forget people are so sentimental about that stuff…well…next time…

– Bro, come on! Time for the…hey, where´s my friend?

– I think i´ve scared her…?

– Nevermind her. She wasnt all that anyways. Come.

People start singing

Haaaaaaappy birthday too you! Haaaappy birthday toooooooo you...”

– Before you blow the candles, make a wish!

I wish i had feelings. I wish that darkness to go away…

What am i doing? Wishes are for kids only…


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Aterro Sanitário

Lixo da Vez - Ronaldo o FENOMENO?!

Oi, queria agradecer ao espaço cedido pelo amigo e também entusiasta da copa, Bocadoogro.
Vocês sabem que eu sempre fui brasileiro desde que nasci no Brasil. Gosto muito do brasil e vou curtir muito assistir a copa do meu telão de cinema na minha casa lá na europa.

Mas vim aqui para um assunto mais importante. Essa palhaçada toda de protesto a respeito de usar dinheiro da copa para fazer hospital. Amigo, repito e disse, não se faz copa com hospital! Precisamos de estádio. Esse dinheiro que foi pro estádio não iria para hospital. Se não fosse pela copa o estádio nem o hospital existiria.

Vocês reclamam de hospital, não entendo! Sempre que fico gripado ou preciso de médico o Sírio-Libânes tá lá de boa. Não entendo essas reclamações. Neste ponto eu apoio meu amigo Pelé, grande sábio. Vamos esquecer essas bobeiras e focar na copa.

Grande abraço para vocês, do Ronaldinho Fenômeno.


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