An Atheist Speech (sort of)

Yes, as some kind of tag or label – i am an atheist – is a phrase that summons a lot of questions, hate (unfortunately) and in some rare occasions simpathy. I want to talk a little about that, but this time in english, so i can reach further “minds” with my ideas.

It all started when i was around 14-15. I´ve just stated that god was complete useless/meaningless into my life, so i just dropped off with my prayers and such. Really, i had no accidents, no tragic losses, nothing – i´ve just stopped with no reason (i mean, with reason – god made no sense at all to me). I was an “atheist” without knowing i was. Actually i think we dont become atheists, we born with that condition since we are endocrinated from childhood into believing something. I don´t think newborn babies know what god almighty is nor his existence.

I only realized this “atheist” stuff and all the debates around it when i was 22. I´ve started to read books, watch videos and read articles.

I´ve realized this discussion was quite pointless. But i will put that aside and i will talk more about me and how is to be an atheist on Brazil – the main point of this speech.

Well i am from Rio de Janeiro (forget the hot girls and pool parties/sunny beaches, this city is a fucking mess) 24 years old and my current occupation is studying my ass off to graduate myself at Graphical Design. That being said (i kinda needed that introduction) we can move on the matter at hand.

Here we live on a country with many religions. Off course the mainstream goes to Evangelists (yeah, USA is not the only one with those screaming “GET-THE-HELL-OUT-OF-HER-BODY-IN-NAME-OF-CHRIST!” fanatics) and Catholics. I´ve never suffered a real harassment from any of those groups when i claim to be an atheist, but i see tons of then speaking crap stuff, generaly.

They associated Atheists to smokers (José Serra, running for presidential elections said that once), to murderes (Dantena an Anchor on Band television said that once), to drug-users (the same Dantena again) and “pro-abortion” (most of evangelists from TV here says that ALL the time).

Well, when i think “What really differs and atheist from an theist on daily basis?” After thinking pretty hard i realized – nothing! Yeah, nothing! Just minor differences, but at most? Nothing.

We eat, we study, we have fun and live our lives. When we want a job we don´t ask for god help, we put our best suits, grab our portfolio and go for it. When we want to pass an exam, we study hard. I don´t think all those theists got their jobs or past their exams praying only – they had to work for it – and on that we are all the same.

So i don´t see the point of theists shouting out loud “We got god at our sides, burn in hell atheists!”, coz as far as i know – god don´t do ANY REAL difference on daily basis. We both (atheists/theists) gotta work hard to achieve our goals. They might even think got had anything on that “new job assignement” but in order for someone to win, others must lose, them if god loves us all, why we would have losers? It´s a selfish way of thinking, why the fuck god would give you the job and not the other guy?

I think that need to point a difference between atheits/theists (most of the time, made by the theists) it´s bullshit. A real pointless waste of time.

I am a Brazilian, but different from common-knowledge we actually graduate here. Yeah, this is not a “football-galore” country. I don´t even know how to play soccer! Ludicrous, uh?!

I won´t make this more painfull than it already was. Sorry for my english and grammar. I need a lot of improvements on it, and i am working on it. But in general i think i´ve made my point.


2 Responses to “An Atheist Speech (sort of)”

  1. agosto 20, 2015 às 2:47 pm

    you’re not alone haha but forget the pool parties and beaches cuz i’m from belo horizonte

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